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CONVERSION - turn visitors into customers more efficiently.

Generating leads from the internet is worthless if you cannot convert them to customers.

CONVERSION - turn visitors into Hollywood customers more efficiently.

Generating leads from the internet is worthless if you cannot convert them to customers.

Convert More Leads to Hollywood Customer With Our Proprietary Inbound Technlogy

Timing is everything when it comes to converting prospects generated from Hollywood local marketing efforts. We equip each of our local business owners with our proprietary inbound marketing software & CRM that simplifies the task of managing your website, your leads, and your conversions.

ILX Conversion Technology

Content Management System

Your Hollywood local business changes constantly and having to rely on a web company to update or make changes to your website can be frustrating. Our easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) provides complete control of your entire internet presence.

Web Analytics

Knowing how your prospects are finding your business is just as important as knowing how deals are being closed. Our inbound marketing software enables our customers to get a full 360 degree view as to where and how prospects found them and which ones turned into customers.

Local Phone Tracking & Recording

Tracking phone calls can be a difficult thing to understand without the proper phone tracking system in place. Our system tracks which number is calling, and records the conversation so you can reference the quality of the lead and call response when it's convenient for you.

Social Media Scheduling

Much like our lead nurturing platform, Hollywood local business owners have the ability to setup pre-defined social media posts to go out on certain days and certain times to maximize reader base. Our system allows you to set-up campaigns to go out at the best times for better adoption and larger reader base.

Sales CRM

We provide Hollywood business owners with a complete view of all their leads generated online. Users can text, email and call leads quickly through our simple, but powerful Sales CRM. Combined with timeline views of all activity, you will never have a lead slip through the cracks.

SMS Broadcasting

SMS boast 98% or more open rates. This simply means your customers and prospects will read your messages you send. Our technology allows users to broadcast text messages to a list of numbers directly in our console.

Blogging Platform

We have built-in functionality that you can use to create blogs to provide visitors and customers with new, relevant information regarding your local business. In addition to what we blog for you, you have the ability to add content without being an advanced user. If you can send an email, you can contribute to your blog.

Email Marketing

Historically, the majority of marketing leads never recieve a follow up email or phone call. Our system allows you to not only auto-respond immediately when a prospect contacts you through your website, our software enables you to drip market to prospects until they are ready to turn into customers.

Lead & Contact Management

Our inbound marketing software alerts you with detailed email lead notifications immediately following a lead creation on your website or phone call received. You can login and manage that lead by sending emails, setting up notes and scheduling follow calls for that prospect.

Local Marketing Reports

Hollywood business owners of various sizes must have a way to track their return-on-investment, no matter the amount. Our inbound marketing software pulls everything from online rankings, leads, traffic, phone calls, and everything in between to allow companies to see a true, closed-loop ROI.

Sales Chatbot

Chat only works if someone is there to chat, and who has time for that? With our AI Sales Chat Bot, you convert more anonymous visitors into leads with conversation sales engagement directly on your website, 24/7.


Built directly into our CRM, you can place phone calls directly from our software, setup softphones or VoIP desk phones. Our platform allows you to setup IVR Phone Trees to route customers and look more professional when customers call you.

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